Welcome To Heather Inspire

 Hi welcome to my online platform! My goal is to support and engage my community by providing online resources and ongoing interactions through weekly walks, blogs and Facebook. This website consists of articles and tip-sheets on dealing with behavioral change, mental health and wellness, mindfulness, vocational support and frequently used community resources.  It also videos, upcoming events via Facebook and a photo-gallery.

My hope is to inspire many possibilities including:  Creativity, generosity, hope, optimism, courage, collaboration, happiness, wellness, quest for knowledge and lifelong learning.

 As a social worker and community leader, I am committed to developing others and myself.   This is being carried out with openness, consistency, supportiveness and trustworthiness.  Openness for me is to endeavor to hear people’s concerns and be sensitive to their needs as well as accepting feedback from them.  Consistency means that my interactions and approach to problem solving are always stable and predictable.  Supportive is the way in which kindness is demonstrated, and my compassion and empathy for others.  Lastly, trustworthy is being honest and demonstrating integrity in all decisions and behavior.

I endeavor to continue guiding others along their journey and to help them realize their skills and potentials, which fosters relationships, trust, personal development and motivation.